Postcard from Thailand

The Wat Phra Kaew or Temple of the Emerald Buddha is regarded as the most sacred Buddhist temple (wat) in Thailand. It is a "potent religio-political symbol and the palladium of Thai society". It is located in the historic centre of Bangkok (district Phra Nakhon), within the precincts of the Grand Palace.

The main building is the central ubosoth, which houses the statue of Emerald Buddha. The legendary history of this Buddha image is traced to India, five centuries after the Lord Buddha attained Nirvana, till it was finally enshrined in Bangkok at the Wat Phra Kaew temple in 1782 during Rama I's reign (1782–1809). This marked the beginning and raise of the Chakri Dynasty of the present Kingdom of Thailand (the present head of the dynasty is King Rama IX. The Emerald Buddha, a dark green statue, is in a standing form, about 66 centimetres (26 in) tall, carved from a single jade stone (Emerald in Thai means deep green colour and not the specific stone). It is carved in the meditating posture in the style of the Lanna school of the northern Thailand. Except for the Thai King, no other person is allowed to touch the statue. The King changes the cloak around the statue three times a year, corresponding to the summer, winter, and rainy seasons, an important ritual performed to usher good fortune to the country during each season.

While legend traces this statue to India, its rich historical records dates its finding in Cambodia in the 15th century, moved to Laos in the 16th century and then to Vientiane where it remained for 215 years, and finally to Thailand in the 18th century. Considering the long history and Nagasena's (a Brahmin who became a Buddhist sage and lived about 150 BC) prophesy that the Emerald Buddha would bring "prosperity and pre-eminence to each country in which it resides", the Emerald Buddha deified in the Wat Phra Kaew is deeply revered and venerated in Thailand as the protector of the country.

Postcard from Valetta, Malta

The card shows cruise ships in Grand Harbour with Valetta, Manoel Island and Sliema in the background.

MS Qatar 2010 - Arab Culture

2009 Qatar Birds stamps

Finally! i have completed this set.

Postcard from Croatia

MS 2008 Expo Zaragoza - Qatar

Expo 2008 was an international exposition held from 14 June to 14 September 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain, with the theme of "Water and Sustainable Development". The exposition was placed in a meander of the river Ebro. It was coordinated by the Bureau of International Expositions, the organization responsible for sanctioning World's Fairs.

Zaragoza, host city for the International Exposition, is the administrative and financial capital of the autonomous community of Aragon and Spain's fifth most populous city. Zaragoza was elected the host city of Expo 2008 on December 16, 2004 by the BIE, beating Thessaloniki (Greece) and Trieste (Italy).

The exhibition’s most emblematic buildings were the Water Tower, a 80-metre-high transparent building designed by Enrique de Teresa to evoke a drop of water, Zaha Hadid's Bridge Pavilion, and the river aquarium. The exposition site also hosted several events, including a daily parade by Cirque du Soleil called The Awakening of the Serpent.

Aside from the countries, non-government organizations and private companies took part in Expo 2008, always with the idea of water and sustainable development. Prior to the event, the Expo 2008 host committee estimated that the expo event could generate 135 million euros in receipts for admission to the exhibition centre.

2008 Cyprus Through the Ages Stamp set

Postcard for Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is a Canadian province located on Canada's southeastern coast. It is the most populous province in Atlantic Canada. Its capital, Halifax, is the major economic centre of the region. Nova Scotia is the second-smallest province in Canada with an area of 55,284 square kilometres (21,300 sq mi).

Mahone bay's waterfront churches are one of the most photographed scenes in Nova Scotia.

2008 MS Sea Shells of Malaysia stamp

Stamps from Cyprus

Cyprus is a Eurasian island country in the Eastern Mediterranean, south of Turkey and west of Syria and Lebanon. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of its most popular tourist destinations.

2008 MS Flower stamp - Thailand

Postcard from Bosnia

Bosnia is a country located in South-East Europe, in the Balkan Peninsula.  Formerly one of the six federal units constituting the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina gained its independence during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s. Bosnia and Herzegovina can be described as a Parliamentary democracy that is transforming its economy into a market-oriented system, and it is a potential candidate for membership in the European Union. 

Postcard from Malaysia

This six-storey Prime Minister's Office Complex in Putrajaya is made up of three wings; the main dome of glazed mosaic is surrounded by four small domes, signifying Malay and Islamic elements.

2010 Pasar Kraftangan, Sabah Malaysia Stamp Set

Pasar Kraftangan situated in the city of Kota Kinabalu is more popularly known as Filipino Market among the locals and tourists. This is due to it s history of selling only handicrafts from the Philippines. However, it has since developed and now also offers handicraft and souvenirs from other Asian countries as well. Kain Sarung batik, rattan carpet, calligraphy carvings, crystal and pearls are amongst the popular items in this market.

Postcard from Bangladesh

Historical Shat Gombuj Mosque, Bagerhat

Postcard from Hollad

Unique birds of Malaysia

Postcard from Ipoh, Malaysia

Nestled within the limestone caves of Gunung Rapat in Ipoh, Sam Poh Cave Temple contains images of Buddha and the other deities amidst a riot of facinating stalagtites and stalagmites.

New Year Dragon Dance Postcard from Hongkong, China

Shows the Chinese Lunar Dragon Dance

FDC "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" - Taiwan

Postcard from Leuven, Belgium

Postcard from St. Petersburg, Russia

Greenland stamps

2009 stamp Russia

1972 Cover Liechtenstein 2

1972 Cover Liechtenstein

Cover from Denmark

Too bad, somewhere and somehow through its travel to me the side on top was tear off.  ; ( 

Postcard from Italy

Postcard from Amsterdam sent in Finland

Stamps from U.A.E.

Postcard from Bali, Indonesia sent in Malaysia

Postcard from Poznan, Poland

Poznan (Posen) is a wonderful city in the west of Poland with over 579,000 inhabitants. It is situated on the Warta River, and is one of the oldest cities in Poland, making it an important historical center. Poznań's impressive cathedral is the earliest church in the country, containing the tombs of the first Polish rulers: duke Mieszko I, king Boleslaus the Brave, king Mieszko II, duke Casimir I the Restorer, duke Przemysł I and king Przemysł II.

Today Poznan is a vibrant centre for trade, industry, and education. Poznań is Poland's 5th largest city and 4th biggest industrial centre. It is also the administrative capital of Wielkopolski (the Greater Poland Voivodeship). Increasingly the city is attracting tourists from all over the world.

Postcard from Brno Czech Republic

Four Indian Kings MS cover - Canada

Canada Post is issued this beautiful souvenir sheet to celebrate the 300th anniversary of four portraits that function as a record of early cultural and political diplomacy between the First Nations and the British Empire, and a negotiation that affected the course of power relations in North America. In the days before photography, the power of the painted portrait was supreme. It spoke to the connections between people and historical events, and to have one’s likeness preserved was a privilege most often reserved for the wealthy and powerful. Today, those portraits provide invaluable records of days long past—of the people and occasions deemed important to a culture.

In 1710, a delegation of “Four Kings”—three from the Five Nations Confederacy of the Iroquois and one from the Algonquin nation—travelled to London accompanied by colonial leaders, and had an audience with Queen Anne. The aboriginal representatives were being courted for their alliance in England’s war against France. Their visit created a sensation among Londoners, who wrote poems, ballads and songs about them. To commemorate their stay, the Queen commissioned court painter John Verelst to paint a portrait of each of her visitors. The paintings of the Four Indian Kings were held in the Royal Collection for more than a century before being acquired by the Government of Canada as national treasures in 1977.

The set of four stamps featuring Verelst’s paintings were designed by David Sacha and Karen Satok of the Toronto-based firm, Sputnik Design Partners. A close-up of Tee Yee Neen Ho Ga Row, Emperor of the Six Nations, is featured on all pieces of the issue. The London 2010 Festival of stamps logo overprint is present in only 50,000 of these souvenir sheets.

Postcard from Russia

Postcard from Taiwan

Yushan National Park. 

It covers the central mountain area of Taiwan with an area of 105,000 hectares.  Rising 3,952 meters above sea level, Yusan is the highest mountain in northeast Asia.  It is also noted for its rare and precious wildlife and relics preserved in the forest.

1982 MS Netherland

2005 MS Netherland

1997 Faroe Island MS

1997 Greenland Stamp

Wind mill Postcard from Holland

MS Dates - U.A.E.